I Need A Good Pair Of Waterproof Boots Where Do I Start Looking?

Composite toe vs steel toe

Nothing’s more frustrating than stepping into a puddle and feeling a chill seep into your shoe. If you’re like millions of others who regularly jog or hike, waterproof boots are high on your to-buy list. Whether you need high traction work boots to help you in your career or a nice pair of combat boots to protect your feet when you’re climbing the mountain trail, the secret of buying a long-lasting pair of shoes is coveted by many. Below are the most essential tips you need to make sure you’re not wasting money unnecessarily, from quality materials to common footwear additions. Think you know it all? Take a look!

Construction And Repair

Did you know the average person walks 10,000 steps per day? Let’s compare and contrast this to construction workers and outdoor laborers, who average a whopping 30,000 per day. Because of this quality waterproof boots are a must-have to ensure common injuries are circumvented while people work long days and nights. The human foot alone contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles overall and can easily be damaged or sprained if not taken good care of.

Injuries And Prevention

It’s not enough to simply treat injuries. You need to prevent them! The United States Department Of Labor found over 600 of the 4,000 fatal job-related injuries back in 2012 being associated with falls and trips. Additional studies have also shown employees suffering toe and foot injuries missing seven days of work on average. OSHA (short for ‘occupational safety and hazard administration’) now requires every single employer to conduct a hazard assessment to mediate workplace risks and issues, which include foot injuries.

Quality Materials And Sustainability

Simply buying heavy duty work boots or tactical boots isn’t enough. Are they made well? If you’re looking for a dependable brand, Magnum Stealth is still the reigning champion of uniform boots worldwide. Back in 2009 they joined forces with P2i, pioneering a groundbreaking ion-maskTM technology in the tactical footwear industry — this is a patented plasma-based technology originally developed for the United Kingdom, able to repel harmful chemicals as well as rough and heavy outdoor conditions. It has since become very popular in the United States and many footwear brands have been created as a result.

Proper Fit And Future Damage

Last, but not least, you need to make sure your shoes fit properly. Even a mildly ill-fitting shoe can have long-term physical and financial consequences down the road. Boots should have ample toe room — professionals recommend around 12.5 mm from the front. If you can’t wiggle your toes reasonably, the shoe is too tight and can cramp your feet in the future. When it comes down to it, common sense and a little awareness will do far more for your wallet and personal health than empty promises.

Buying The Best Waterproof Boots

Let’s go over what we’ve learned. The human foot is a complex contraption, home to a bevy of bones, ligaments and muscles that can easily become injured with poor footwear. Buying the right brand will go a long way in making sure your waterproof boots or desert boots will last a long time, ensuring you’re protected every step you take all days of the year. Lastly, it’s important to make sure your shoes fit snugly and don’t run the risk of slipping or pinching your toes. If you’re eager to find combat shoes for sale, try to buy before Christmas rolls around to take advantage of the better market prices available. With a good pair of shoes, anything is possible in the workweek.

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