How Burlap is Changing Many Weddings

The rustic wedding is the new ‘thing’ and something that you might have fallen in love with from the moment you saw it. Country and rustic weddings are some of the most versatile ones that we find due to the fact that you can keep your costs low by using burlap fabric as a design staple, as well as being able to find many uses for it when you are coming up with the perfect decorations. Faux burlap can be bought easily and be used for a variety of different purposes such as table linens, burlap napkins, fitted tablecloths, and many other aspects.

How the Perfect Weddings Are on the Rise

Every woman strives to have the perfect wedding, as this is her special day and she wants to have everything perfect so she doesn’t have to worry about any details. 63% of brides apparently feel the pressure and have responded to a survey saying that they feel pressure to have the perfect wedding. Each year across the United States, it is reported that approximately 2.4 million weddings take place and this number is only on the rise. With the pressure being on, every bride wants a wedding that she will never forget. Who would have ever thought that burlap fabric could be such a staple in making these dreams come true?

As mentioned, rustic weddings are all the rage at this point in time. Over the past 14 years, a search on Google for “banquet hall weddings” has significantly decreased, which means that many people are not looking for the traditional wedding anymore and are striving for something different that has that rustic flair that they will never forget. “Rustic wedding” is now one of the most popularized searches when it comes to all wedding-related searches on Google, because it packs a punch in style and leaves you with many affordable options.

Cost-Saving So You Can Invite More and Save More

As mentioned, using burlap fabric as your main staple for decorations can save a lot of money, which means that you have income left for other things. The average number of wedding guests is 136 but perhaps you had more on your mind so that you can squeeze the entire family in. If this is the case, you want to definitely consider something cost-saving, as this is a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of favors to consider. Wedding decorations are important, too, so that you can set a certain feeling for your wedding. In fact, about 85,000 people search for wedding decorations every year, which means that they are at the forefront of many individual’s minds so that their wedding can look absolutely gorgeous!

If you are looking to throw the perfect wedding that you are bound to never forget, you want to ensure that you have many aspects accounted for. Choose a style that it simple but will boggle all of your guest’s minds.

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