From Sporting Goods to the Catwalk

Army camouflage bedding

As the accuracy of firearms increased in the 19th century, camouflage became a battlefield necessity, although animals have long shown their ability to adapt. For example, the Arctic foxes have fur that changes from dark in the summer to white in the winter. This natural camouflage has evolved into many designs and fashion accessories from camo formal dress to camo baby bedding.

Camo found widespread use by the military wanting to hide in plain sight during WWI, but as camouflage became popular for clothing and accessories, items as diverse as camo bathing suits or pink camo clothing takes on a very different meaning. Finding the perfect camo clothing is tricky enough without needing to integrate fashions that are associated with a military function.

Looking at style and design, camouflage clothing is more about your ability to stand out, not your ability to hide or mask yourself from easy observation. In fact, as aerial capabilities were more important during World War II, every nation involved in the conflict began to adopt some form of military camouflage. These days, pink camo clothing is just as likely to be on the rack as something of the natural, earthy color design. The uniqueness of bright camouflage clothing has become a style in its own right.

Just as other designs go through periodic trends in popularity, camouflage always comes and goes with a few minor variations to update the details. As the military developed more advanced types of camouflage patterns for their enlisted soldiers, the same angular camo style began to appear in the most fashionable clothing and accessories. Fortunately there has also been a resurgence of the traditional hunters green camo that is a simpler and more rustic style of camo.

For the fashionista, you may find that when you start to wear camo in your clothing or accessories, you may find that you will be adding pieces that are equally unique. These days you can get camo for all ages. It is long past the days when it was only an item that was available in the sporting goods stores and hunting supply catalogs. In fact, the diversity ranges from the littlest swimmers with camouflage bathing suits to camo bedding, wedding accessories, and car accessories. Read this for more:

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