Four Things to Remember While Renting Chair Covers for Your Wedding

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Are you looking for chair covers for weddings in your future? When you are planning a wedding, you probably have about seven million details to consider: you have to plan the band or DJ, the venue, the caterer, the baker, and the wedding attire. On top of that, you have all the incidentals that have never crossed your mind until you start planning a wedding. We’re talking specialty linen rentals such as wedding tablecloths and napkins. We’re talking tables and chairs. We’re talking dishes and silverware. There are so many minute details that chair covers for weddings you’re planning might not even make it on the list.

However, the chair covers for weddings play a powerful roll in the ambiance of the entire event. If you have gorgeous wedding reception linens, professional lighting, decoration that belongs in a magazine, but only have ugly metal chairs for guests to sit in, the feeling conveyed for then entire event is that of the ugly metal chairs. Remembering the chair covers for weddings is an important task to add to your to-do list in the wedding planning process.

Arranging chair covers can be simple, or it can be a big ol’ pain in the you-know-what. Here are a few considerations to noodle before arranging chair covers:

  1. Delivery and Pickup

    If you have to arrange for someone to go pick up the chair covers, and then set them all up, and then tear them all down, and then return them to the linen rental company, it’s going to add about a thousand inconvenient coordination points to your already hectic schedule the day of and after the big event. Using a linen company who will provide delivery and worry with picking it up after will save you so much hassle in the midst of your joyous occasion.
  2. Deposit Policy

    Since most chair covers are acquired on a rental basis, and all rentals involve some kind of collateral to make sure you don’t hightail it with the goods, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a refundable deposit requirement on your chair covers. However, read the fine print before signing the dotted line, and make sure the refund guidelines are above the board. You probably shouldn’t expect to get your deposit back if part of your ceremony involves the not-so-traditional “set the chair covers on fire” event, but if your Uncle Harry gets a little too tipsy and a little wine lands on one chair, this shouldn’t result in your deposit saying, “Hasta la vista, baby!”

    Knowing in advance what is and isn’t a big deal when you return your rental chair covers will help you relax and enjoy the event, instead of feeling like a teenager holding a party while your parents are out of town; just hoping everyone leaves the party in the condition they found it in.
  3. Customer Reviews

    You can avoid a whole lot of problems by finding a linen rental company who has a great reputation with past customers. When you are reading customer reviews online, you might not find any companies who don’t have a single negative review; some clients are just impossible to please. However if a single company has repeated complaints of dropping the ball with delivery, incorrect billing and charging, or poor customer service, it’s a good idea to steer clear of them.

  4. Bundle Deals

    The nice thing about chair cover rental providers is they usually offer an array of other linens you need to coordinate: tablecloths, napkins, runners, curtains, and so on. Look for a company who offers a package of all of you linen needs in one shebang. This will help you cross like seven items off your overwhelming to-do list in one hurrah.

    It also guarantees (or at least should guarantee) that all of your linens will coordinate with each other. If your wedding colors are mint and coral, that can be interpreted a hundred different ways. If your tablecloths are provided by the venue, your napkins are supplied by the caterer, and your chair covers from the chair rental company, you could end up tasting the rainbow. When you get them all from the same provider, you know they’ll all go together. Plus you might find a better deal than paying for them a la carte.

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