Five Things You Need to Know About Tailored Suits

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Suits cost enough as they are, right? Why should you spend anything more for bespoke clothing? Won’t a tailored suit cost more, and can that possibly be worth it? The answer is absolutely, and here are five things you need to think about with this custom tailored clothing:

Average Isn’t You

Clothes are made for average sizes, not specifically to your size. The result is that only a small minority of buyers actually get an ideal fit when they buy off the rack, and most men and women are going around in clothes that don’t quite fit perfectly. The cuffs of a shirt, for example, should be two centimeters from the wrist bone; yet many shirts are just far too long for the wearer. Jackets should reveal about two centimeters of shirt collar; but again, look around and you’ll see men everywhere with a lot more or less showing. Tailored clothing fits you, and the question you should be asking isn’t about tailored suit cost, but about the cost of not tailoring your clothes.

Tailored Clothes Make a Huge Impression

With some clothes, small differences in fit don’t matter very much. But for a suit to look good, it’s essential that it fit absolutely to perfection. If it doesn’t, people willnotice. Tailored suit cost may seem unnecessary, but when you walk in with a suit that’s ill-fitting it says something about you. Like it or not, it suggests that you don’t care about the little things; that you don’t have an eye for detail. It makes you look like a slob. This isn’t the first business impression anyone wants to be making–or the first date impression, either.

It’s All in the Shoulders

The highest tailored suit cost will be in fixing the shoulders, so when you’re trying something on, look to the shoulders first. If the shoulders fit, altering the other parts on high quality men’s suits will be a piece of cake. You want jacket shoulders that end where your shoulders actually do. Pro Tip: unless you’re a linebacker, don’t get go for pads.

Find a Local Tailor

A local tailor with good reviews is almost always going to offer you a better ratio of tailored suit cost to benefit than the in-house tailor at the department store. This is especially true if you need complex alterations. If you can’t choose among the reviews or recommendations, try one and see what they can recommend in terms of alterations. Someone who knows his or her designer suits and the trade will be able to make recommendations almost instantly. Then, have them do a small alteration first as a test. If it turns out as you wanted you’ll have confidence asking them to work on more complex changes.

Don’t Skimp on the Other Stuff

If you’re investing in the tailored suit cost to get the best and most professional look possible, don’t ruin everything by skimping on the rest of your look. Find high end dress shirts, great socks, and shoes that say you’re professional, not obnoxious. A skilled tailor may also be able to provide you with mens personal shopping services, or give you some suggestions about the top mens clothing brands and what will fit the suit or suits you’ve got.

According to studies on psychology, we make our first impressions in the first seven to 17 seconds, and 55% of our opinion is determined by the way a person looks. Make the best first impression you possibly can and give yourself a leg up in your business and personal life by investing in clothes that really fit.

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