Find the Right Hiking Boots with These 6 Tips

Mens hiking boots

Few things can derail a great hiking trip like boots that either do not fit right or just are not broken in. Getting the right womens walking boots is easier than you may think. It is an incredibly important part of preparing for your trip.

Pick the Right Womens Walking Boots:

When it comes to hiking or walking boots, there is no one “perfect” kind of boot that works for everyone. The same can be said for the climate and terrain. The boots you wear to climb Mount Everest may not work for hikes you take in the Mojave desert. If you are not sure what the best shoes are for you and your trip, you can ask the experts at the store.

Get the Fight Fit:

1. Time your shoe shopping correctly. Wear the same socks that you plan to wear on your trip. Casual hiking boots are very different from serious ones. You may want to look for the most lightweight hiking boots. At the end of the day, your feet at the biggest as most people’s feet swell during the day. Also, remember to clip your toenails before you try any new boots on.

2. What do the womens walking boots feel like before they are laced up? Put the boots on and stand up. How do they feel? If from the get-go they are uncomfortable before you have ever had a chance to lace them up, you need to try a different size or a different kind of womens walking boots.

3. How much room do you have in your boots? Move your toe and see how far you can move your feet forward in the boots. Can your finger fit in the back of your boot between your heel and the back of the boot? a correctly fitted boot should give you some room to move your finger in the boot. When you are hiking, your feet may swell, even if this is not something you normally notice. It is always a good idea ot get boots with a little room to make sure you are still comfortable. Blisters are also an all too common problem among walkers, hikers and climbers so you want to be able to put a comfortable bandage over those.

4. Lace ’em up and give them a test drive. The boots will feel different when the laces are all done up. You should feel that your feet are fully supported by the womens walking boots. Your toes should not feel constricted. Stand up. Roll back and put your weight on your heels. Go back and forth a few times. Walk around the store a few times. How do your feet feel? Remember there is some breaking in your will have to do. Do not wait until the last minute to buy your boots. You will definitely get blisters if you tackle your hike in brand new boots.

5. Try a few pairs. You should not just buy the first pair that fits well. Find a new types of boots and a few sizes and try them all on. How your feet feel during a hiking trip (or skiing trip or just about any vacation) can change the way your entire body feels. When your feet hurt, everything is bad on a hiking trip. If you are doing outdoor things in the winter or a cold climate, when your feet are cold, your entire body will be cold. Try out a few different kinds of womens walking boots and you will find the right pair for you.

6. Buy the shoes you tried on. Usually this is what the store will want. Since your feet have been in the shoes and you know that pair works, get the same pair that you tried on. When you get home, put them on and wear them for a bit. You tried them out in the store, you need to try them on at home. Wear them for a few hours. This will give you a much better idea of how the boots will work on your trip.

Happy feet will keep you much happier on your trip. The right boots will keep them healthy and happy.


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