Engraved Stones Make for Great Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts

Have you been married for a long time? Are you looking for special anniversary gifts to commemorate the memories you have made together? If so, engraved stones may be the gift idea you are looking for. Timeless and durable, engraved stones are an intriguing and romantic gift idea for anyone. As they literally set a message in stone, these stones can be past down through generations, and the memory of your love can last hundreds of years.

Modern anniversary gifts of stones have a long history, dating back even before humans could talk. Petroglyphs, or stone carvings, are one of the earliest forms of communication, depicting all sorts of scenes and abstract designs. Some petroglyphs in Australia date back 27,000 years, long predating any civilization.

Today, stones still make a great way to honor someone. Stones are often used as a gift for special occasions, like anniversaries. In fact, rubies, sapphires, gold and diamond are gifts for 40th, 45th, 50th and 60th anniversaries, respectively. These anniversary stones are remarkably stable, even as other non precious anniversary gifts, such as clocks or cotton, have changed over time.

One of the most popular variations of these anniversary gifts are engraved stones. Using the same technique to make grave markers, sand blasting, an engraver can set any message or image onto the anniversary gifts. A special treat for couples, engraved stones make great anniversary gifts because they literally set a memory in stone, and can be passed down throughout the generations.

So if you need ideas for anniversary gifts, you may want to consider engraved stones. Whether you want to say I love you, I care, or just share a memory with that special someone, an engraved stone is a great way to continue your relationship. In the end, you will be glad you made the investment, and can share the memory of your love with future generations.

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