Dry Hair and Skin from Cold Weather? These Salon Tips are Useful

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Winter weather can have a negative effect on our skin and hair. The reduction of temperature and the increase of snow and ice can make our hair and skin feel dry and dull. Before winter arrives fully, make sure you are prepared for these expected winter changes. The following salon tips will ensure that you keep your face and hair shining and healthy throughout your many holiday celebrations.

Schedule a deep conditioning treatment
The fall is the perfect time to schedule a deep conditioning treatment. Using store bought conditioners in the shower do not give you the same quality of conditioning that professional salon quality conditioners do. Most hair salons have discounts on deep conditioning treatments, especially if you add it to a haircut or hair color service. Some hair salons even have products available to deep moisturize your face.

Get a low maintenance hair color and style
On average, women spend about 3 hours a week washing, blow drying, and styling their hair. When you regularly use your blow dryer and other heated hair products on hair that is already extremely dry and vulnerable, you can end up with a lot of damage. Instead of spending so much time on hair styling and damaging your hair throughout the winter months, consider getting a low maintenance hair color and style. Going back to your natural color or getting a permanent straightening treatment can help you to better protect your hair.

Wash less often
Most women wash their hair much more than is recommended. The winter is a great time to extend the time between hair washings. Without sun and increased sweating, your hair is unlikely to get as greasy and dirty. Additionally, when you wash your hair less, you can also get away with fewer hair stylings. Pair fewer washings with a low maintenance hairstyle and you can protect your hair all winter long.

Get manicures and pedicures in the winter months
More people splurge on manicures and pedicures during the summer months because these are the months that you are more likely to show your toes off. However, getting manicures and pedicures in the winter months may be more beneficial for your skin. Nail professionals remove dry skin and moisturize the skin of these areas. The hands especially are exposed to the harsh winter winds and can get very dry. Scheduling a day at the nail salon can be a nice break from the cold winter weather too. Approximately 78% of female respondents who frequent nail salons stay there for at least 30 minutes and many remain there for over an hour each visit.

Avoid frequent shaving and hair removal
Over shaving can further irritate the dry skin of winter. If removing unwanted body hair is important to you, choosing a medical hair loss procedure during the winter might be a better option. Laser hair removal is performed using an FDA approved laser system that targets pigment granules (melanin) in the hair to destroy the hair follicle. Because the hair growth cycle is divided into three phases, numerous treatments are required. The average amount of hair reduction per treatment is around 20 to 30%. The average number of treatments is somewhere between four and six, spaced between five and eight weeks apart. Fortunately, your hair loss results might even extend into the summer months.

Winter weather can be tough on the body. It dries out the skin and hair. When you combine this natural drying with frequent hair salon dying and hair styling, you can end up with extremely damaged hair. However, these hair salon tips will help you prepare both your hair and skin for the coming cold weather.

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