Do You Have a Cordless Phone? Some Facts You Should Know

Emf radiation

Cordless phones have become the norm these days, so much so that many individuals have relinquished their landlines as a result. Given that over six billion people were using cell phones in 2012, that global number has likely risen exponentially. But how many people actually know about the risks of electro-magnetic frequencies, commonly referred to as EMF?

First of all, even when you’re not using your wireless phone, it still emits radiation throughout the day–and night. When actually using your cell or cordless phone, adverse biological effects can begin to result within the first few minutes.

One of the ways to limit this radiation exposure is to hold the phone at least an inch away from your face; however, many scientists concur that other measures need to be taken, as this doesn’t afford sufficient protection. If you live or work close to a cell phone tower, EMF shielding solutions are advised.

Secondly, many parents give their school-age children cell phones for emergencies, to stay-in-touch, and as a reward for good behavior. You may be interested to know that a study of children and adolescents was conducted in 2010. These students, that ranged in age from 8-to-17, reported some concerning issues following short-term EMF exposure. These include experiencing difficulty with concentrating at school, headaches, and irritability.

Thirdly, while many will concur that there need to be more safety measures in place to protect public health, what measures have been taken in recent years? In 2002, for example, there was a call for biologically-based safety limits. In 2007, it was concluded that the existing EMF safety limits were inadequate.

Since it’s unlikely you are going to be giving up your cordless phone any time soon, it’s important to consider available options to protect children–and yourself–against the ill effects of EMF radiation.

One of the first steps is to create the time to conduct research on cordless phone radiation as well as electromagnetic protection products. Once you know how to block EMF, you’ll be able to use your cordless phone with less anxiety so that you can stay connected with the people that matter in your life.

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