Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Health

Polarized replacement lenses

Did you know that more than half of U.S. men and women misplace, or break, their sunglasses, and a designer pair costs an average of $150 to $300? Sunglasses are hardly unbreakable. Lenses get scratched, and sometimes even crack. Instead of replacing the whole kit and kaboodle, though, more consumers are saving money, and focusing, instead, on what exactly needs replacing. What should you think about when you pick out sunglasses?

What Kinds of Lenses Do You Have?

Did you know that as many as 40% of Americans wear sunglasses for medical reasons? Your lenses should block out 100% of UV rays, including short wave UVA rays, and long wave UBA rays. Blocking any less can be harmful to your eyes, and can even result in photokeratitis, or a corneal sunburn. Ophthalmologist Gail Royal reveals that the condition usually entails tiny blisters forming on the surface of your eye. The condition is likely to sort itself out in time, but it can be pretty painful.

UV rays, undetectable to the human eye, can also result in macular degeneration, cataracts, or stunted eye growth. Some rays can permanently damage your vision, while others can give you skin cancer in sensitive areas, like your eye lids. Already purchased sunglasses without quality lenses? You may want to consider sunglass lens replacement, or even polarized replacement lenses.

How Do Polarized Sunglass Lenses Work?

Simply put, polarized lenses filter out glares, typically lights reflecting off water or pavement, and make it much easier to see. There are a variety of sunglass replacement lenses to choose from, and consumers can select polarized lenses if it suits them. Polarized lenses are best for people doing a lot of driving, or for customers who spend a lot of time on ski slopes, or out on the water. These lenses work best if customers replace them every year or so. The same companies who help you fix glasses with polarized lenses can help by replacing scratched sunglass lenses, too.

Whether you are looking out for your health, or you spend a lot of time skiing and boating, you may want to ask lens companies, how do polarized sunglass lenses work?


  1. Tommy Bennett

    I think there is something to be said here, for favorite pairs of frames, too. You could tell people about health-related things forever, and they won’t listen. Tell them they can keep their favorite frames? You may have their attention

  2. Zoe Shaw

    I had no idea that you could get sunburn on your cornea (ow!), or skin cancer on your eyelid. Yikes! I wonder if they could still operate on such a sensitive area.

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