Beauty Supply Stores in Decatur GA

Beauty supply stores in georgia

Avon is a huge beauty supplier and have been ever since their first print ads were published in 1905, in the Good Housekeeping magazine. This beauty supplier topped $1 million in sales in 1920. There are all kinds of beauty supply stores in georgia. Avon atlanta continues to be a huge money maker for the Avon Company. Did you know that 4 Avon lipsticks are sold every second of the day if you count the worldwide sales? Amazing isn’t it? Tons of lipstick is sold at beauty supply stores in Decatur GA too. Avon is so popular with women that they set up an Avon Foundation for Women and they have donated more than $800 million dollars for causes that are important to women in 50 different countries. The very first Avon representative was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee of New Hampshire. She was 50 years old when she began selling Avon perfumes back in 1886. Thousands, if not millions of women sell Avon now.

Beauty supply stores in Decatur GA are very busy. Women love beauty supply products and there are a wide variety of beauty supplies that women can buy from beauty supply stores in Decatur GA. Beauty supply stores in Decatur GA have row after row of name brand beauty products that you can buy at cheaper prices than you can find them in department stores or drug stores. Anything and everything that you could ever want in the line of beauty supply, make up and hair products can be purchased at beauty supply stores in Decatur GA.

The women who work in beauty supply stores in Decatur GA know a lot about the different product lines. You can ask them all kinds of questions about beauty supply tools, such as
curling irons and hair dryers and they will have the answers for you. You can also ask them what to use to get rid of the green tint in your hair if you have bleached blond hair and the chlorine in your pool has turned it green, and so on.

Any time you feel like you need a new beauty supply product head over to one of the beauty supply stores in Decatur GA and a beauty supply consultant will be there and able to give you some pointers or suggestions. Find out more by searching for beauty supply stores in Decatur GA today.
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