Are You Taking Risks With Your Shoe Game? 5 Men’s Shoe Trends To Know

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You wake up, get dressed, and throw on the same shoes you always wear. We all fall into this trap. But if you are ready to start making a statement with your shoes, it’s time to throw out your old standbys and take risks. The following are just some designer options to really build your shoe collection. This way, your shoes can start doing the talking.

  1. Designer Lace Up Shoes: Quality lace ups are a wardrobe staple. Not only can you wear them with a wide variety of casual outfits, but you can also dress them up while hitting the town. Having multiple pairs suited for warmer and colder weather may a good decision.
  2. Luxury Italian Loafers: Nothing beats the classic loafer. Capture that effortless European style by investing in your own pair. Brown and black are generally the most versatile options,
    but white can also be a great addition to your collection.
  3. Exotic Boots: Nothing says luxury more than a pair of mens snakeskin shoes.
    By investing in a pair of mens exotic shoes, you can give off an air of sophistication while drawing attention with these statement pieces. Just be sure to pair them with the right outfit to not overpower your look.
  4. Bold Sneakers: For the most casual and active days, every man should own a pair of stylish sneakers. Luckily, this look is in right now, so consider what colors and styles suit the rest of your wardrobe. Again, having multiple pairs is a good idea, since one color likely won’t match everything.
  5. Artisan Shoes: Not only do artisan shoes look beautiful, they also often have good stories attached to them. By investing in a pair of hand-crafted, decorative shoes, you are making a statement and pushing fashion boundaries. Bonus points if you can pick up a couple more pairs on your travels.

For many men, shoes are often forgotten in the grander scheme of style. But you can be the exception. By building up your shoe collection and paying attention to how they pair with your look, you can be a true style guru. From the simplest loafers to the boldest mens exotic shoes, you can be the center of fashion conversations.

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