Are You Spending Too Much on Furniture?

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Buying new furniture can often be an unnecessarily expensive endeavor. In 2010 alone, Americans spent 3 billion dollars on furniture! However, you have several less-costly alternatives to traditional furniture shops while you look for new furniture for your home. Here are just a few!

Estate sales: At estate sales, a large amount of a person’s property is liquidated, usually due to the person’s death or a need to dispose of his or her belongings. At estate sales, you’ll find all the different types of furniture you’ll need. Estate sales are a great source of affordable furniture because it’s sold for much less than it’s worth to achieve liquidation.

Antique auctions: Antique furniture, with its elegance and echoes of bygone eras, is becoming an increasingly in-demand way to furnish one’s home. Over the last 10 years, antique furniture sales have increased by 450 percent! Because antique furniture is so rare, it’s a great way to make your house feel unique. At antique auctions, you can possibly get some great deals on these prized pieces of furniture.

Vintage furniture shops: If you’re not the auctioning type, but are still interested in furnishing your home with antique pieces of furniture, consider visiting a vintage furniture shop. At these stores, you’ll be able to peruse antiques at your own leisure and find the best values for your budget. You might even find a highly-popular piece of Chippendale furniture, which was only manufactured from 1755 to 1790. Chippendale furniture is characterized by gothic arches, decorative scrolling and clawed feet.

Adorning your house with beautiful pieces of antique furniture no longer has to break the bank. Check out any one of these three places to find furniture on the cheap, and both you and your wallet will be happy! Read this website for more information.

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