Are You Ready For Homecoming?

The homecoming dance and the prom are approaching faster than you realize and you still have not bought that dress! You are still biting your nails out of nervousness over deciding on that adorable evening dress, or that cute short dress or maybe a short cocktail dress. And worse, orders are backlogged and shipping dates are all over the place! It can worry the mind, for sure.

Dance events have been going on probably longer than recorded history. I mean, how hard was it to figure out that dancing with a group of people can be far more fun than dancing by yourself? It offers not just an opportunity to dance, but to mingle with others of the human race, share stories, talk and enjoy a lot of laughs because there will be a lot.

Your decision to attend prom or homecoming, or both, might have been because of a proposal, an accepted proposal, of course, by an individual you thought was worthy. People go to great lengths for these proposals, some being as grandiose as wedding proposals and others being small, intimate and very personal. And because of these accepted proposals and the occasion it calls for, attendants like to dress up.

There are several options to look for that perfect prom dress or homecoming dress. You can try online or at a chain of stores. And if you are lucky enough to have homecoming dress boutiques in your town, you have the opportunity to buy quality dresses without having to hike across the world. Homecoming dress boutiques also handle prom dresses as well and since they are much smaller and tend to provide service to those around them, you can be sure that your dress will not be mishandled on a shipping truck.

Prom and homecoming both contribute to the growing value of apparel markets in the United States. In fact, it has been estimated apparel stores will be raking in $385 billion by the time 2025 rolls around. Women’s apparel alone dominate the number one spot as the most sold item on the internet, as of August 2017. Speaking of the internet, fashion’s e-commerce industry is continuing its healthy growth in revenue and has estimated to reach new heights from $481.2 billion in 2018, to an even higher peak of $712.9 by 2022. In the United States, fashion e-commerce took home about 20.4 percent of the retail sales pie in 2018.

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