7 Important Considerations When Looking to Get Nipple Piercing

Body piercing is a form of expression and an element of beauty commonly in adolescents and young adults. There are different types of body piercings such as the nose, lip, septum, eyebrow, nipple, and naval piercing. However, the prospect of getting pierced on a more sensitive location like nipple can make the whole idea seem pretty much scary. Here are things to keep in mind when looking to get a nipple piercing.

Are you comfortable showing off too much skin to a stranger?

Unless you have some kind of relationship with a piercer, you’re most likely to be embarrassed exposing yourself in such a manner. And though it’s strictly professional, not many people have the guts to undress for just about anyone, especially strangers. But if you really resolved to have the piercing done, then cast the shame away and let the pierce work on your nipple.

Pain is inevitable during piercing

Whether it’s on the nose, naval or nipple, any type of body piercing will hurt but not expected to last long. The pain is more like a pinch and therefore is not a problem for many people with high pain tolerance. But nipples piercing are considered the most painful type of body piercing by most people because of their sensitive location. This nipple becomes even more sensitive because of the piercing and some people find this interesting, especially during foreplay where it increases sexual pleasure. For some people, however, the nipple may become too sensitive and painful on touch. And this could affect the quality of pleasure during intimacy.

Taking Care of Your Piercing

Ideally, it takes about a year for piercing to completely heal, which means you’ll need to regularly clean the area to avoid infection and make the piercing to look good. To avoid infection, experts recommend wearing bras made from soft cotton which cradles the breasts and offers pure comfort with the nipple ring on. Limit the times you’re touching the pierced area to avoid inflicting more pain and spreading germs.

During intimacy with your person, let it be clear that the pierced area is off-limits at least for a few months. Gentleness needs to be applied in this case and both parties need to exercise caution to avoid snagging the piercing and inflicting more pain.

Are you comfortable with other people seeing it?

Nipple piercing, despite being concealed behind the bra or shirt, can still be visible through a light material —the nipple piercing bump is easily noticeable. If you don’t mind this look, that’s great! But in a more formal setting, you wouldn’t want to show off too much detail of your nipple piercing so look at yourself on the mirror before stepping out.

Gather information on body piercing

Before you go ahead and get a body piercing it’s important to understand everything around this form of body expression. The information you get will help make an informed decision on the type of body piercing, the right service to choose and the costs involved. You need to find an experienced and reputable piercer and this information can be acquired through referrals from family, friends, and colleagues.

Understand the risks involved

All types of body piercing have some degree of risk involved and the body can reject piercing, especially if it’s badly done. In this case, you’re supposed to remove the nipple ring if none of the aftercare instructions have worked to help the situation.

Do you really want nipple piercing and how committed are you to it?

What’s your point of getting this piercing? And is it really your decision to get one or it has been informed by the influence of your friends or partner? Unless the decision stems from you wanting to look and feel sexy, then don’t succumb to the pressure of getting your body pierced. The decision is solely yours because it’s your body to start with.

If you are committed to getting the piercing, then you should be also committed to having it on at all times, especially because nipple piercing close relatively faster than other types of piercings. If you have to remove the jewelry, it’s should take long before you put it back inside. This is where commitment comes applies.

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