5 Tips to Guide You into Picking the Right Tattoo Artist

Some time back, most people associated the tattoo life with rebellion, gangs, and bikers. But the attitude is changing. Tattoos are more than beautiful images and artistic designs. They can cover up birthmarks and scars, giving a confidence boost to the individual.

Fourteen percent of Americans of all ages have at least one tattoo. If you are getting into the tattoo life, it may sound like an exciting adventure. But poorly done designs could quickly turn the excitement into a nightmare. Not to mention the extra cost of having the bad tattoo removed or getting a tattoo cover-up.

How to Pick the Right Artist for Your New Tattoo Life

There are more than 21,000 registered tattoo shops in the US. Before rushing to the nearest parlor or settling for the next available artist, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Use Recommendations

Tattooing is not just about the art, but the experience as well. Ask around for the best tattoo artist Detroit. People who have had a great experience with their tattoo artist will always be willing to recommend them. Go to the recommended tattoo shop and watch the artist work. Look at their portfolio. Feel free to ask any questions.

2. Search the Internet

A search of the best tattoo shops in metro Detroit is an excellent way to find a reliable tattoo artist. Any tattoo shop worth going will have a notable internet presence. A website will showcase their best artistic designs, location, and working hours. The social media pages could also show how well the tattoo owners respond to their customer’s complaints and questions.

3. Experience in Your Preferred Artistic Design

While most tattoo artist will efficiently work on the standard tattoo designs, some artistic designs require a particular set of skills. Tattoos are a form of body expression. You do not want to walk around with grotesque body art. Whether you want old school, modern, or an unusual design, confirm that the artist is well experienced in the style and confident about pulling it off.

4. Cost

Tattoos come at a price that will depend on the expertise of the artist, the size of the tattoo, and the custom work involved. As you shop around for a shop, be sure to ask for the prices. But here is the trick; affordable is not always the best choice. A famous tattoo artist, for instance, will be costlier than a regular artist, but the quality of services are sure to be different.

5. Certification and Licenses

Tattoos are a form of invasive surgery. For this reason, you do not want to compromise on your health. Ensure the artist is properly certified and licensed. Check if they use disposables, and sterilize the equipment used. As much as you are excited about the tattoo life, your health comes first.

Why a Body Piercing May be a Good Idea

If you want to add to your body art, or getting inked is not your thing, body piercings are the way to go. Some tattoo shops offer the service. You could get a naval piercing, earring, nipple piercing, or nose ring. Like tattoos, piercings are more than a body expression.

Daith piercing has in the recent past gained popularity in its ability to reduce or eliminate migraines. The migraine relief achieved from the cartilage piercing can be explained by acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment that relieves pain by triggering some pressure points of the body with needles.

A trained acupuncturist can identify and pierce the exact spot that will activate a pressure point. Testimonies of pain relief have seen numerous migraine sufferers flock the shops of the best body piercers Detroit.

In conclusion

Not everyone who chooses the tattoo life and body piercings is in it for fun. Some use them to conceal body defects caused by an illness or traumatizing events like burns and abuse. Cartilage piercings can help with the migraines.

Be careful when selecting a tattoo and piercing shop, ensure the artists are qualified, licensed, and meet hygiene standards.

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