Need New Pajamas? Try Pink Onesie Pajamas!

Adult foot pajamas

Think one piece pajamas are just for kids? Think again! The one piece pajama has made a comeback among celebrities and normal people alike. New pink onsie pajamas are all the rage around the country. Celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Liam Payne showed off their stylish holidays onesies pajamas for adults recently by posting selfies in them all over the internet.

Now, some of this makes some sense. Americans love their sleep. The average American adult spends nearly nine hours a day asleep. Almost 75% of all Americans wear some sort of pajamas to bed. If you are curious, about 8% sleep naked and the rest list other as their preferred bedroom attire. Men and women wash their favorite pajamas at different rates. It comes as somewhat of a surprise that men wash theirs more often than women. According to recent surveys, women wear the same clothes to bed without washing them for a full 17 days in a row. Men last about 14 days between washings of their favorite pajamas.

A few years ago, the adult onesie became a fad. In 2012, a party was held during the annual South by Southwest music festival. Jumpin Jammerze says they broke the Guiness Book of World Records by having about 310 people clad in adult onesies attend the party. This has been confirmed as the “World’s Largest Footed Pajama Party.” That sure is a lot of people clad only in adult onesies!

If you are thinking about holding your own adult onsie party, you are not alone. People all over the country are hosting adult parties with a decidedly child-like theme. Some are doing this for parties that are clearly meant to celebrate childhood. Parties for moms to be are perfect for adapting to a theme of pink onesie pajamas. The rest of the party can just follow along the same vein. One idea is to have guests make gifts themselves. Some paint onesies for the baby and put the brushes in mason jars and frame decoration ideas for the guests to pick from (if they do not have their own ideas.

Another idea for a party featuring pink onesie pajamas may also incorporate some of your favorite childhood activities like building a fort with blankets and pillows. Adult onesies come in many different styles so maybe you can host a Star Wars themed party and get the guests to dress in themed pajamas from the movie. They can be storm troopers or Wookies. Whatever they like. Another fun idea might be to have a zoo themed pajama party where the guests arrive as their favorite animals. The list is really endless and you are only limited by your own imagination.

Even if throwing a onesie party is not your thing, adult onesies are really comfortable. You can get pink onesie pajamas both with and without feet. Adult onesies with hoods look very comfortable as well. Adult onesies come in a wide variety of fabrics, too. The most popular are the classic fleece onesies. You can even customize the fleece thickness. The thickness ranges from 100 to 300, the thickest are the least flexible. You should expect them to shrink about 7% so factor that in when you pick the size you want.

Whether you go for a costume or plain pattern, thin or think, hooded and footed or not, pink onesie pajamas can be the perfect way to curl up after a long day at work. And with a warm mug of hot chocolate, who will dare tell you that your childhood is over?

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