Camo Is the New Black

Pink camo

Camouflage, with its history of use in a number of different situations, has been making its way into modern fashion. It is a recognizable pattern that is easy to work with and one that is increasingly desired among a number of people in the world of fashion. Bringing a mix of vintage and rustic together into a new trend, camo can be used for a number of clothing and accessory items, and is taking the fashion industry by storm.

We can see it everywhere, from camo trucks to camo purses. So, why do we love this pattern so much, and how did it become so versatile?

One potential answer here is the history of the pattern, and the connections we make between the pattern and its uses through time. Developed during the 1800s as military wear, camouflage was made to disguise members of those going into armed combat. Since that point, the pattern has been used and modified for the military, consisting of a number of different specialized designs by the time of World War II. In addition, the pattern has been used with military vessels and vehicles. By around the 1970s, the material gained more recognition among hunters. Camouflage hunting clothes took the country by storm, and they were very effective at hiding hunters from being seen by the animals they were approaching.

And after all of this, camo clothing became pretty popular in the 1980s, and the pattern was used for a variety of articles of clothing. Nowadays, the pattern can be seen on anything, including bedding, accessories, and you can even occasionally find camo wedding gowns.

People seem to appreciate the movement of camouflage through the ages, and the fact that many of our ancestors donned the material while serving their countries makes wearing it a form of pride and respect. In a way, we are paying homage to those countless individuals who have used it to protect themselves against all sorts of enemies.

Sporting camo can also somewhat of a metaphor for blending in. It was made in the first place to protect people and hide them, and the idea has taken storm, and whether we think about it or not we may be thinking about the slight chameleon effect that the pattern has on us. And it also has the ability to make us feel like one of those hunters that uses this pattern with camouflage hunting clothes every time he or she is out making risky endeavors. It’s almost like a disguised costume of a number of toughened individuals who tend to wear these patterns.

Coming in all shapes, sizes and colors, modern camouflage apparel, accessories and other gadgets are very popular now. Camouflage has been in place in the country for hundreds of years now, and continues to go strong with every type of person sporting it in one way or another. From camouflage hunting clothes to camo purses and wallets, the pattern is a universal trend that keeps growing.

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