3 Things Every New Rock Climber Should Know

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Many feel uneasy when taking up a physical hobby, especially when it’s rock climbing. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at where to start while beginning this hobby. Many people that used to feel scared at the thought of climbing end up loving this activity. Here are three things every beginning rock climber needs to understand.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Legs and Feet

    Many beginners forget to use the power of their lower body while climbing. The best rock climbing techniques focus on using both your hands and feet. Climbing by only using your hands will tire you out faster. It’s common for new climbers to take time to adjust to using their whole body while rock climbing. It’s best to start practicing moving both your hands and feet while climbing beginner walls.
  2. Invest in Quality Equipment

    You never want to utilize climbing gear that is of inferior quality. It’s best to purchase new rock climbing gear from a sporting goods store. Statistics show that consumer spending in regards to camping equipment is estimated to reach nearly $1.8 billion per year. You’ll find that many new rock climbing setups are inexpensive. The stability and safety of being protected while climbing rocks is worth any price. Purchasing new gear helps to ensure it is durable and works well.
  3. Bring a Friend

    Statistics show that 70% of taken with a group of friends. One popular idea is to go on a rock climbing trips with your buddies. The average camper took nearly 5 camping trips per year, according to research collected from 2012. Many friends find that they can drift apart without spending enough time together. Having a rock climbing journey with friends is both fun and exciting.

In summary, there are several important things new rock climbers should know. You’ll want to ensure that you’re using both your hands and feet while rock climbing. Many beginners have to get used to utilizing their whole body to climb. You’ll want to ensure you’ve purchased quality rock climbing gear to help keep you safe. Many new climbers feel more comfortable while learning this hobby with a trusted friend. Rock climbing continues to be one of the most popular outdoor hobbies across the nation.

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